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*rises from the depths of the internet*

*strikes a godly pose*

*slowly retreats back under the waves of cyberspace, until she is next summoned to the mortal plane*

Srsly doe gaiz, I'm on Tera all the time. If anybody plays on the Celestial Hills server lemme know.
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Anyone here play TERA: Online?

My main's name is Kyrinth, a lv. 60 Aman Lancer.

I've got two alts, a  lv.45 Elin Lancer (Kyrie.Avalon) and a lv. 25 Baraka Lancer (Goryun)... you know. In case anyone at any level needed a meatshield I had a few tiers covered. ._.

Feel free to add me 'n stuffs. I like playing wif people. oAo
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What... why... aaagh. Can someone help me sort this shit out? I don't know how Facebook works with crap like this.
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Yeah. Haven't done fuckall with art in a good long while.

I blame Secondlife.

...And my subsequent discovery of the awesomeness known as Medieval-Fantasy Roleplay. 'Bout a year ago in my virtual globetrotting I stumbled across a good sim known as Cadair Braeden. It's awesome. If any of you RP there or want to, please don't hesitate to buzz me via IM. My userhandle is Kaitan Canieri (Display and RP name is Kyrinth). It's freeform, METER-LESS(!), and actually a lot less restrictive than some of the more overrated RP sims out there, like Mystara or Isle of Dee, for instance, and we could always use more players. 'Specially in about every group except dragons and lycans. x.x;

...I may very well start forcing myself to do some Cadair Braeden related art in the hopes it sparks my desire to do other things again, like Transformers / Fusionfall / Valenth / Whatever. Kyrinth at least deserves her own character sheet. *nods*

I also should start drawing my Fursona, if I could call her that, more often. I think I rather like the idea of her being a color / shape changing Chimera. *nods* But again, I tank with drawing anthros... I should work on that. :V

Oh! I got Sculptris too to try it out. I suck with it, but it's fun. o3o;

Bah... I should really be gettin' to work. Just wanted to scoot that art theft journal off even though nothing's been done yet and the thief herself seems to have disappeared... And to prove I'm kind of still alive. :V Happy Friday and stuff!*waves and toddles off back to Reality*
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User icon and profile picture look familiar to anybody?

I've left a comment and a note asking to take the art down, that's been read. Hasn't had even the common decency to reply back. Dunno how to report an actual account. I'm not asking for white knighting, but if a few of y'all could help me figger out how to report a feckin' art thief actual -account-, please, lemme know.
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So I went ahead and got a Furaffinity account. >.>;…

I haven't posted anything there, but yeahhh, maybe I'll do so when I get not-sucky at anthros. XD Add me or something if you want~
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Finally. Teaser trailer for Heroes United. FINALLY. AHH!

Ben's Generator Rex-style makeover isn't half bad now that I've seen it animated, and Humungosaur looks FANTASTIC. *A*
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First off, new graphics card did not fix crashies. So it's back in the shop for MOAR repairs. Apparently this may be OS / Driver related. So, on the upside, I'll get the work done for free if it's as simple as reloading some drivers or software...


There is a particular user who is posting up the zOMG! related splash screens in their gallery. My OMNOMNOMNOM! one, is one of the ones this douchebagel has had the audacity to steal.

If you have a splash screen in the game (I've seen many from SS, Bassken, GB, Bill's Ranch, and Zen in particular) you MIGHT want to check the gallery to make sure they haven't stolen yours, too.

...We really, really need a report gallery button. DX
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So my computer was totally dead, it just didn't know it yet. Cause... it was still doing those weird crashes. Had to replace the graphics card. Getting it back tomorrow. Going to suck because it set me back 80 bucks because FUCK graphics cards are expensive.

Going to play Fusionfall until my eyes bleed. And maybe Secondlife. But more likely fusionfall. I have a ton of game vids to do. -A-;

Van Kleiss nano fdsafdsafdsafdsafdsafdsa WANT.
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Got the tower back, works great. No more seizure screens! ...But my 10 year old speakers decided to die today. One side works, the other doesn't. Kinda like my headphones last week.

...I so can't win. D:

Oh and while I'm here, felt like shamelessly plugging this pet site I got back into lately, called Misticpets. It's like Neopets, minus the gay. Click mah linku so's I can refer you cause that'd be awesome. oAo
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So I got off the phone with the computer repair dudes just now. Apparently one of the fans on my graphics card was plugged. Likely with cat hair. ┐.┐ Hur. Almost a year's worth of crap... yeah, that'd choke just about anything.

They also removed two trojans(!?), which had me confused as I have like THREE ANTIVIRUS PROGRAMS TO PREVENT THAT KIND OF SHIT. Unless they weren't activated or something. I dunno. I'm appallingly computer illiterate sometimes.

And! To top it off, they fixed one of the little front panels that I managed to break by cracking my head on it without trying.

Unfortunately I won't be able to get my baby back until tomorrow but YEEEE. Hopefully that is the end of my trippy seizure static screens. AND I WILL BE ABLE TO PLAY FUSIONFALL AGAIIIIIN! YAYYYYYYY.
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So my computer that I've had for NOT EVEN A YEAR decided to derp out. I don't know what's wrong with it. Basically the screen would go black, the computer would sound like it was shutting off, but then the screen comes back up as this trippy-ass "colored static". At totally random times, too. Once when I was on youtube, another time playing fusionfall, another just sitting with NOTHING OPEN... yeah. Then it went three days without an episode, and did it again when I turned my back for like a second.

No viruses / spyware / malware / whateverware to be found.

Friend suspected it was something to do with my graphics card. Would have tried to un-install / reinstall the drivers... but it did the colored static thinger while attempting it. ''orz So, the next day I dragged it to a repair shop.

I dug my old 10 year old machine out of the closet so I have some connection to the interwebs until I get it back. The dude at the computer repair place has had it now for over a week, hadn't found anything wrong with it yet. DX

I guess my old one is good for charging my zune and crap, but fusionfall takes half an hour to load, Secondlife is nigh unplayable, can't get photoshop to not-lag... About the only things useable on it are like, facebook and youtube. And message boards. Whoopee. HOW DID I EVER SURVIVE ON THIS THING?! OMG. DX


Anyone hear about that Ben 10 / Generator Rex crossover coming this fall? Better yet, anyone find any video of the Man of Action panel where they show some footage?! Seriously. I WANT TO SEE IT. So bad. DX If not, that's k. Thanksgiving weekend (when it's allegedly set to air) ain't that far off. I guess. >_>;
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...Am I the only one that's kind of excited for this? D:

I fail at Mario Kart, which this is obviously a blatant ripoff of, but I still really want it. Haha.

About the only thing that'd make it better is if it were a CN All-stars type game, with multiple shows involved. Ah well. Maybe they'll spit out one of those for us someday.
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Guess I know where I'll be spending the rest of my life. or at least my week.

Anyone who wants to hang out in Fusionfall tomorra' or whatever, give me a buzz in comments or something. This is going to be freaking epic.
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Gawsh, been a while since I've posted a journal. Lmao.

Work is swell. I has money. Bills can be paid. I can keep living in dis house. The world keeps turning.

Re-addicted to Fusionfall ESPECIALLY SINCE OH MY GOD IT'S FREE TO PLAY NOW. Kyrie De Avalon is my main, only lv 18 because of my sheer laziness and my distaste for all the timed missions. I'm going through and trying to knock those out. I should get to level 19 at least. If not 20. There are lots I've missed. :U I left an account in the future, Uma Featherblaze. Because I are teh weird like that. If anyone plays or wants to... they should let me know. It's sort of lonely in there. xD

Erm. New computer btw. No Photoshop means no art. D: Tablet works great though. I just need PS CS, which I won't be getting until Xmas anyhow. Not like I've really had much in the way of inspiration. Though, I doodle a lot on my breaks at work, but all of it's crap. I might snap some pics and upload to scraps if I'm sooper bored.

Gotta get my holiday shopping done. Tomorrow. On the last shopping weekend before the Holidays. I couldn't help it, I didn't get my year end bonus until today. :| Mrr. Oh well. I'll make sure to bring the pepper spray if I get mugged. Lul.

Also! On a sudden, random old school cartoon kick. As in, like, Cartoon Cartoons and the like. The shit I grew up on. It's weird. I blame Fusionfall. Probably. xD Finding good fanart's a bit hard though. Lol. I might actually have to draw some, someday. :U
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The benevolent archrival of Labtech X!

Just kidding, but I am a labtech now. :0 or I will be, in a week.

I just got a call back from Great Lakes Orthodontics. Yesterday I had a very intensive (2 1/2 hour) interview, and was offered the job over the phone. There's some paperwork I'll have to fill out when I start on the 7th, but I HAZ JOB! YAY!
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I blame Deo. I checked it out after she made a journal entry about it asking for watchers usernames or something, and yeah. I can't escape. Even though my graphics card is so old that I can hardly play without immense lag. =~=;

Hopefully once new content hits zOMG I can kick the habit, because right now I'm a die hard SL tard. ;~;
(my username is Kaitan Canieri in the event anyone plays. Lulz.)
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Dear DA,
The new layout sux major bawlz.

That is all.

EDIT: Now that I've poked around, this layout really is shit. It seems ANYTHING I had uploaded at a higher resolution has been crappily resized to fit this travesty, killing detail and wrecking a fuckton of my pics.

I really hope they're going to work on this, because this seems half-assedly cranked out before they bothered to do any fine tuning.
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When art thieves are once again out attempting to pawn my work off as theirs.…

Thanks to alienscorch for giving me the heads up. It seems that Timecharge got shanghai'd by some noob. Said noob wasn't really smart about it, either. Ganked it right from DA with the big stinky site-generated "Autobot Windracer" watermark imposed on it.

Anyway... don't go on a witch hunt / flamewar / troll fest... But reports sent into DA would be marvelous.


'M getting reeeeeeal sick of this crap tbh. ''OTL
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